Four adjustments South African

Four adjustments South Africans need to make when moving to the States

Moving to the United States has so many perks, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Here are some things to look out for when you head across the seas.

Four adjustments South African

We spoke to the experts at The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan about some of the more common adjustments South Africans who relocate to the United States need to make.

Dropping everyday slang

Most South Africans have enough exposure to American English to know that you will need to say ‘trunk’ instead of ‘boot’ and ‘faucet’ instead of ‘tap’, but there are some South Africanisms that are a little more difficult to shake from your vocabulary.

In the States, saying ‘just now’ or ‘lekker’ or ‘vrot’ will ensure you are met with blank stares. These words will need to be replaced with a more generic way of speaking, and it may even help to adopt some of the local slang.

Also, be sure to adjust how you say certain words. Sitting in a restaurant and ordering ‘wor-ter’ will need to be replaced with the ordering of water using the local accent.

You’ll be amazed at the availability of things when moving to the States

This is an adjustment you’ll most likely enjoy making. Almost anything you want can be ordered online and will be delivered the next day, or two days later if you really have to wait long.

Shops are open a lot later than they are in South Africa, and things just become available to consumers with a whole lot more ease than back home.

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Reliable and safe public transport

This is another bonus. Reliable and safe public transport is such a big deal for South Africans, but is so normal to people living in the States. It makes life so much easier knowing you can get around quickly and safely.

There are 50 separate states

This is one of the lesser-known adjustments that needs to be made. It is common for South Africans to assume that the United States functions in the same way as our provinces – a lot of parts making one whole.

In the USA, each state has its own rules and regulations and ways of doing things. This is sometimes difficult for South Africans to grasp, but should be considered when you are deciding which state to make your new home.

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