Five common misconceptions peo

Five common misconceptions people have about America

It might help to clear up these misconceptions, especially if you’re considering moving to the States.

Five common misconceptions peo

We spoke to the experts at Grant Kaplan about some misconceptions people have about America before they move there.

These are the top five things people from other parts of the world believe about America that aren’t actually true:

Americans are ignorant about world geography

American’s get judged unfairly on the amount of information they know about obscure countries, but how many of us could correctly point to Yemen on a world map?

The American government spies on everyone

Which country’s government doesn’t?

America isn’t safe

Frankly, nowhere in the world is safe anymore. America’s gun problem may be something that needs serious attention, but as far as general safety, America is nowhere near the top of the list of countries that are dangerous to live in.

Americans don’t travel

Granted, many Americans don’t leave America, but considering the size of their country, and how diverse the many parts of it are, there’s hardly a need to go anywhere else. Alaska, anyone?

Good healthcare is only for the wealthy

There’s a misconception that if you can’t afford to pay for help in an emergency, you won’t get it. In fact, you cannot be denied emergency medical care in the United States.

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