5 reasons why America is a gre

5 reasons why America is a great place to call home

Despite some media bashing, America is still considered one of the best places to emigrate to. Here’s why.

5 reasons why America is a gre

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  1. The standard of living is pretty high – even if you’re not a big earner

People are looked after in the States. Food and clean water are available to everyone, which is more than can be said for many other countries in the world. Of course, poverty exists, but not to the same degree as third world countries. In general, people in America live well.

2. It’s diverse

The vastness of the country means that no two places are the same. That’s why, across the States, you can experience very different weather systems, cultural groups and topography, which means you don’t even need to leave the country to experience just about anything.

3. Opportunities abound

The American Dream is still alive and well. If you are legal, hard-working and determined, there’s almost nothing you can’t achieve in the U.S.

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4. People are friendly

Americans, in general, are extremely friendly and helpful. This is great news if you’re considering moving there from afar. Friendliness goes a long way towards helping newcomers settle in.

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5. Americans know how to celebrate

Every holiday is a proper celebration in the States. If you’re into traditions and dressing up and decorating your home according to seasons and celebrations, America is the place for you. Celebrating with neighbours and new friends is a nice, easy way to involve yourself in your new community.

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