Will my child be allowed to at


Will my child be allowed to attend a state-funded UK school?

One of the biggest concerns for South Africans relocating to the UK is whether their children of school-going age will be able to attend a state-funded UK school.

Will my child be allowed to at


As the school system differs significantly from the school system in South Africa, Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants have compiled a short guideline to provide some answers to all the nagging questions.

Will my child be able to attend a state-funded UK school?

According to the UK Home Office guidance on the matter, with the exception of some cases, children from overseas have the right to attend a state-funded UK school.

Exceptions due to immigration status include the following, in other words, these children are NOT allowed to attend a state-funded UK school;

  • Children from non-EEA countries who are short-term visitors. They are thus tourists or visiting relatives. 
  • Children from non-EEA countries who have permission to study in the UK. In this case, the child is allowed to study in England on the basis that he/she has to attend an independent fee-paying school.

The school terms in the UK

The academic year in UK schools runs from early September to Mid-July. Each year is broken up into 3 terms, and each term is divided in half.

The Autumn terms run from early September to mid-December (the half-term is late October), Spring term runs from Easter to mid-July with half-term falling in late May or early June.

How to decide on the best school for your child

It might be worthwhile to look at league tables and evaluations by the UK Government body, OFSTED.

League tables

These tables show test and exam results for all schools. They’re published annually by the government’s Department of Education. You can then compare the schools you favour and use the information to help you make a decision.

The UK Government body OFSTED

All UK schools are regularly checked and evaluated by the Government body called OFSTED. It is OFSTED’s job to make sure that the schools are safe and regulated to government requirements. They do this by carrying out regular inspections and grading the schools.

Applying for a place at a UK state school

It is possible to apply for a place at state school online or by using your local council’s application form.

Nursery Schools


Primary Schools


Secondary Schools


If you need more advice on the stipulations and terms of your UK visa, and your child’s eligibility to attend a state-funded UK school, please feel free to contact your Breytenbachs consultant at www.bic-immigration.com. Alternatively, please fill out the form below with your query.