Immigration Health Surcharge to be doubled

In a shocking announcement, the Home Office said they plan to double the Immigration Health Surcharge.



The current Immigration Health Surcharge is £200 per year per applicant. The surcharge for students and youth mobility scheme visa holders are £150 per year per applicant. The Home Office is now planning to double the normal surcharge to £400 per year per applicant. The discounted surcharge for students and youth mobility visa holders will increase to £300 per year per applicant.

It is not yet clear from Home Office statements when they are planning to introduce the new Immigration Health Surcharge. Breytenbachs will keep readers updated as more information becomes available.

Immigration Health Surcharge to fund the UK National Health Service

The Health Minister, James O’Shaughnessy said that by increasing the surcharge, it better reflects the actual cost of using health services in the UK. He said that they welcome long-term migrants using the NHS, but that it is only fair that they make a fair contribution to its long-term sustainability.

The UK Government calculates that the that the higher surcharge would provide an extra £220 million per year to support the NHS.

The Telegraph newspaper reported that the Department of Health and Social Care estimates that the NHS spends about £470 on average per person per year on treating surcharge payers.

Immigration Health Surcharge in Practice

All non-EEA nationals applying for a UK visa for longer than six months are liable to pay the UK Immigration Health Surcharge.

The amount payable must cover the total period for the UK visa the persons are applying for. Payment is mandatory and collected as part of the visa application.
Fortunately, the monies paid towards the immigration health surcharge is refunded in cases where the visa is refused.

You can read more about the UK Immigration Health Surcharge here.

Recommendations by Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants

The Home Office has not yet announced the date of implementation of the higher surcharges.

However, Breytenbachs highly recommend that clients who are planning to submit UK visa applications do so, as soon as possible. This will help them avoid paying the higher surcharge. Readers also have to keep in mind that the annual Home Office fee increase will take place in April 2018.

For more information or to proceed with your UK visa application before these increases, please contact Breytenbachs at or please fill out the form below.