Global Talent Visa

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Global Talent Route Visa for scientists and researchers

(Partner content) The UK Government has announced the introduction of the Global Talent Route Visa. This immigration route hopes to attract the brightest scientists, researchers and mathematicians to the UK.

Global Talent Visa

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In 2019, the UK government announced that they plan to introduce this fast-track visa – the Global Talent Route Visa – for scientists and researchers. The original plan was to introduce the new type of visa during 2019.

According to the latest press releases on the matter, the route will now open on 20 February 2020. The immigration rules outlining the visa changes will be published on 30 January 2020. As soon as Breytenbachs has more information from the rule changes, we will inform readers.

It seems that the UK government hopes to send a message that despite Brexit, the UK will still be open to the most talented candidates. The government also said that this visa is part of wider reforms to enable persons with world-class skills to live and work in the UK.

How the Global Talent Route will work

The new Global Talent Route will replace the existing Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Route. The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will endorse applicants from the research and scientist community.

As soon as Breytenbachs has more information from the rule changes, expected at the end of January 2020, we will provide readers with more details.

Advantages of the visa

Holders of the Global Talent Visa will have numerous advantages compared to other immigration routes:

  • Dependents of the main visa holder will have full access to the UK labour market. There will thus be no work restrictions.
  • The main visa holder does not need to have an offer of employment before coming to the UK.
  • There will be an accelerated path to settlement for visa holders who are endorsed on this route.
  • There will be an exemption from the normal absence rules from the UK for the visa holder and his/her dependents. The exemption means that they will not face penalties when they apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, and they were absent due to work-related travels.

Breytenbachs expects several changes to the UK visa rules following Brexit and will inform readers accordingly.

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