Criminal record requirement ex

Criminal record requirement extended to Tier 2 Visa applicants working in education, health and  social care

There are a number of UK Immigration changes that will be implemented in April 2017. It is important that UK visa applicants take note of the various changes, in order to prepare themselves for these changes, and where possible to apply beforehand, in order to avoid the more strict requirements.

Criminal record requirement ex

One of the important changes that applicants should take note of is that the UK Government intends to extend the requirement to provide criminal record certificates, to Tier 2 visa applicants (and their adult dependants), coming to work in education, health, and social care sectors from April 2017.

According to the UK Government, this extension of the requirement will strengthen safeguards against those with a criminal history seeking to come to the UK. The criminal record certificate will be required from every country in which the applicant (Tier 2 Visa applicant and adult dependant) has resided continuously or cumulatively for 12 months or more in the 10 years before making the UK visa application.

The UK Home Office said that the new criminal record requirement would apply to Tier 2 applicants covered by one of the following standard occupation classification codes;

1181 – Health services and public health managers and directors

1184 – Social services managers and directors

2211 – Medical practitioners

2212 – Psychologists

2213 – Pharmacists

2214 – Ophthalmic opticians

2215 – Dental practitioners

2217 – Medical radiographers

2218 – Podiatrists

2219 – Health professionals, not elsewhere classified

2221 – Physiotherapists

2222 – Occupational therapists

2223 – Speech and language therapists

2229 – Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified

2231 – Nurses

2232 – Midwives

2312 – Further education teaching professionals

2314 – Secondary education teaching professionals

2315 – Primary and nursery education teaching professionals

2316 – Special needs education teaching professionals

2317 – Senior professionals of educational establishments

2318 – Education advisers and school inspectors

2319 – Teaching and other educational professionals not elsewhere classified

2442 – Social workers

2443 – Probation officers

2449 – Welfare professionals not elsewhere classified

We thus advise prospective Tier 2 UK Visa applicants working in these fields, to apply for their criminal record certificates as soon as possible, in order to avoid possible delays, that might, in turn, affect their UK visa application.

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