British Citizenship at last

British Citizenship at last

You have finally reached your goal of obtaining British citizenship. But still, you have some niggling questions at the back of your mind. What now? Are there still things left to do?

British Citizenship at last

The consultants at Breytenbachs Immigration answers all your FAQ on what to do after receiving your British citizenship.

Relocating to another country

Do I need to protect my British citizenship if relocating to another country?

It is important to take note of the following; if you hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for the UK, you may reside outside of the UK for up to two years without losing the UK status. If you remain outside of the UK for longer than 2 years, you will automatically lose your ILR Status.

However, once you have obtained British citizenship, you will be able to leave the UK for an indefinite period of time. Remaining outside of the UK will not lead to the loss of your British citizenship.

Biometrics Card

Can I destroy my Biometrics Card now that I have received my British Citizenship?

No. As soon as you receive your certificate of British Citizenship, you have to send your biometric residence permit back to the UK Home Office within 5 days of; going to your citizenship ceremony or getting your certificate of British citizenship.

You can cut it up, with a note stating that you are returning it, as you have received citizenship to POL Returns, PO Box 195, Bristol, BS20 1BT.

If you do not return it within the specified time, you will be fined up to £1,000.

Renewing your British Passport

Is it possible to renew your British passport if you reside outside of the UK?

If you are residing outside of the UK, it is possible to renew or apply for your first British passport. This application is processed within the UK through Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK. The applications are sent via courier and will take approximately 6 weeks to process.

Travelling to and from the UK

I do not have a British passport yet, can I use my certificate of British citizenship to travel abroad?

No, you must have either a British passport or a right of abode certificate to enter the UK. You will not be allowed to enter the UK using your Biometric Residence Permit or certificate of British citizenship.

Please note that the above are the current rules and subject to change, so it is always advisable just to check with your BIC consultant from time to time. or