Born to a British-born father

Born to a British-born father before the 1st of July 2006?

Becoming a British citizen is a significant life event. It allows you to apply for a British citizen passport and gives you the opportunity to participate more fully in the life of your local community.

Born to a British-born father

Obtaining British citizenship also does not necessarily mean that you have to forfeit your current citizenship, as many countries allow their citizens to have dual nationality.

The United Kingdom amended their citizenship laws in order to permit children of British-born fathers to obtain British citizenship even though their parents were never married. This is not an automatic right that the applicant would have. However, we can assist in making an application registering the applicant as a British citizen, as the law changes require eligible applicants to register as citizens first.

This application is known as a UKF application or registration as a British citizen. The application is submitted to the United Kingdom Border Agency in the United Kingdom. It is important to note however that in order for the United Kingdom Border Agency to approve such an application they require definitive proof that the applicant was in fact born to a British-born father. In most instances, they only accept vault copy birth certificates or DNA testing as definitive proof. This application is available to all applicants born prior to the 1st of July 2006.

Once successfully registered as a British Citizen, we make use of the official registration certificate citing the applicant as British and obtain a British passport accordingly. This, of course, can then be used to travel in and out of the United Kingdom visa free.

There are many potential pitfalls in such an application process. Why not take the stress out of your application, and appoint one of our consultants to handle it on your behalf? Please visit for more information or fill out the form below.