Australian style points-based


Australian style points-based system for UK Immigration

(Partner content) The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is making several pledges about immigration in the UK in the run-up to the general election later this month.

Australian style points-based


The Conservative government plans to introduce an Australian-style points system for immigration in the UK. Applicants will be able to score points based on specific criteria.  

Immigration will split into three categories; highly skilled, skilled workers with a job offer, and low skilled workers. The first two categories will lead to permanent residence in the UK, while low skilled workers will not able to obtain residence in the UK.

The Conservative government is hoping that the introduction of such a points-based system will bring overall immigration down.

Fast-track visas will be available to the Highly skilled category of immigrants. Highly skilled persons will be entrepreneurs, investors, and persons endorsed or recognised as leaders in their respective fields. There will not be a cap on the number of persons who can come to the UK in this highly skilled category.

The second proposed category will be for skilled workers with a confirmed job offer in the UK. Skilled workers will include doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Persons who are eligible to work for the National Health Service (NHS) will receive fast track entry. There will also be lower visa fees for skilled workers. 

The third proposed category will be reserved for low skilled or unskilled workers. The category will consist of workers that are needed for labour market shortages in certain sectors, such as seasonal agricultural workers.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will be required to provide an annual report on how to lower overall immigration in the UK. The MAC is currently responsible for advising the UK government on the shortages for the Tier 2 migration route.

Criticism of new UK immigration proposals

A number of prominent immigration organisations and role-players are criticising the plans of the Conservative government. The criticism arises from the fact that the current UK immigration system is already based on an Australian points-based system. 

The Labour party is also accusing the Prime Minister of lying to the British people, and saying that free movement had been good for the UK economy.

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