Local property developer refle

Local property developer reflects on success, competition and the environment

Operating a successful property development company in SA can be a tough gig, but MSP developments does it oh so well; all the better for those of us who want to invest in property.

Local property developer refle

MSP CEO Riaan Roos has been in the property development game for a long time and in that time his company has grown in both scope and experience. Thankfully for folks looking to invest in SA, that experience has translated into a string of major housing developments.

Riaan Roos

Now, asking the head of a development company for his favourite project can be a little like asking a parent who their favourite child is – there’s always the one, but they’ll never say it out loud – and the same goes for Roos. MSP’s development portfolio is far too diverse to name a single project, but Buh-Rein seems to be the prodigal son at the moment.

“That is a very difficult question. We work across varied socio-economic communities: from historically disenfranchised areas to more traditional suburban developments and even retirement housing. For me personally knowing that we have positively contributed to help our clients create wealth through property ownership is the overall crowning success.”

“If I had to choose a specific development it would be Buh-Rein Estate in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs. It was recognized by the South African Planner’s Institute (SAPI) for its innovative layout and duly won the SAPI award in 2010. From there it has gone from strength-to-strength with sustained demand for new homes in the estate,” said Roos.

Ok so when you find yourself driving through any city with major developments you’ll no doubt see a few big names on almost every single construction project; that said, the companies who know that they’ve got a great product paired with years of experience – like MSP – aren’t all that worried. In fact, Roos welcomes competition as he understands the benefit to all South Africans in terms of job creation and GDP growth.

“I think the industry is varied enough. Of course there are preeminent and more dominant players in the market, but there are also a number of newcomers who start off on a smaller scale and over time take on more ambitious projects.”

“The industry’s contribution to GDP is becoming increasingly important and it is also plays an instrumental role in job creation, so we welcome all new entrants. The overall demand for housing in South Africa by far exceeds the available supply, so there is more than enough opportunity and incentive for entrepreneurs to enter the industry.”

Quick question: what’s the easiest way to make a major company sweat? Ask them about their environmental practices and watch them squirm. That is, if they’ve got anything to be concerned about, which the folks at MSP obviously don’t. Have a little peek on their site and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

“All our new developments are subjected to various statutory environmental checks and balances which one cannot really put forward as a differentiator, since every developer has to conform to legislative provisions aimed at protecting the environment.”

“It is our mission to minimize our impact on the environment in everything that we do. From our investment in technology that digitizes our sales process to save paper, to the emphasis we place on landscaping. Buh-Rein Estate is a case in point – upon completion this development will boast more two thousand indigenous trees. We also invested substantially to construct of an irrigation dam that uses the storm water channelling as a catchment area. This helps to contain upkeep costs, but more importantly it also saves huge quantities of water. In fact, since the irrigation dam was completed we have not had to use a single drop of municipal water to keep the estate green.”

“We also keep a keen eye on the evolution of renewable energy technology. It also holds in the promise of consistent and reliable supply at a reduced cost and with very real environmental benefits. I think renewable energy will be a game changer going forward, but it is critical for us to only deploy tried and tested solutions,” said Roos.