How to get a Spousal Visa in S

How to get a Spousal Visa in South Africa

If you are currently in a romantic relationship with someone who resides in South Africa and who has citizenship or Permanent Residency, you may apply for a Spousal Permit to immigrate to South Africa and reside with your partner.

How to get a Spousal Visa in S

A Spousal Visa, also commonly referred to as Life Partner Visa or Life Partner Permit, is issued to someone who has been in a serious relationship of at least two years where one person is a South African citizen or Permanent Resident of South Africa. Common Law marriage or two people who are cohabitating would qualify for this type of visa; however, it is necessary that there is proof of the relationship being long-standing and with long-term plans to stay together.

A Spousal Visa may require a sworn affidavit which officially evaluates the seriousness of the relationship. Both homosexual or heterosexual couples are treated in the same manner for all Life Partner Visas.

If you are looking at a Spousal Permit/Life Partner Visa/Permit; here are the following requirements:

  1. You must be married or in a long-term relationship with a South African or Permanent Resident of South Africa for two or more years. If you are not living in South Africa, you must at least visit every three years to maintain the permit.
  2. You must have proof that the relationship is still valid within the first two years of receiving the permit, along with other supporting documentation.

However, if your relationship ends, your South African Spousal Permit will lapse. The processing time is 8-10 weeks for the DHA to make a decision, and the only application charge is the VHS service fee of ZAR 1350; the Department of Home Affairs does not charge a fee.

Once you have a Spousal Visa, you may be granted permission to work or study in South Africa, but you need to apply for authorisation from the Department of Home Affairs, usually in South Africa. Once granted permission to work or study, the visa status changes to Spousal Visa, Section 11.6.

There are a number of ways in which you can join your loved one in South Africa.

Once a partner has a Life Partner Permit, he or she may also apply to qualify for Permanent Residence once it’s been proven that the relationship has been longer than five years.

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