Five things foreigners love ab


Five things foreigners love about living in South Africa

South Africa – welcome to the good side.

Five things foreigners love ab


As with most places, South Africa has its fair share of problems. But it also has something entirely magical about it. Once you’ve experienced the beauty of the country and its people, you’ll have a hard time leaving.

If you have decided to make South Africa your home, firstly, welcome! If you’re still on the fence about living here, maybe these five things we know foreigners love about living here will help swing your vote.

The people in South Africa are friendly

Generally speaking, South Africans are a friendly bunch. We’ll strike up a conversation at the petrol station, at the school gate, and in the (seemingly endless) Home Affairs queue.

We are also a diverse nation, so there are cultural differences and layers wherever you go. South Africa is anything but mono-cultural, and it shows in the tolerance people exhibit for foreigners.

The food is delicious – and reasonably priced

As a newcomer to South Africa, you will be amazed at how affordable really good food is. Alcohol is also reasonably priced, so make the most of your foreign currency when you first arrive and eat and drink like a king. Imagining what you would be paying for the same food abroad makes you appreciate living here even more.

The scenery is other-worldly

South Africa’s scenic wonders extend from the well-known Table Mountain to the lesser-known Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Then there’s the Drakensberg and the Kruger Park, and everything in between that has its own beauty and magnificence. It is difficult to beat Chapman’s Peak at sunset.

South Africans love sport almost as much as they love Mandela

Okay, sport and Madiba are in no way comparable, but South Africans’ love for the two is very similar. Even foreigners now living in SA feel a sense of pride knowing that Madiba’s spirit lives on in a country once so divided.

And the sport. Sport-speak is basically the 12th official language of the country. People support their teams with pride and obsession.

South Africa has the big five, and so much more

If you grew up in South Africa, it was probably easy to take the abundant animal life for granted. As a foreigner, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend the extent of wildlife and sea life in the country.

Moving to South Africa?

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