New Zealand visa


New Zealand to introduce tourist tax and hike up visa fees

Visiting the Land of the Long White Cloud is set to be more taxing.

New Zealand visa


Tourism is a key contributor to the New Zealand economy, and the country has opted to use what’s been an upward surge in that regard by introducing a tourist tax will take effect later this year, Traveller24 reports.

The Land of the Long White Cloud is experiencing a tourist boom, which has seen the number of visitors to the country climb up to 3.8 million in the last three years.

On Friday, the country announced plans to capitalise on this by introducing a tourist tax and increase other immigration fees to fund infrastructure development.

“This rapid growth has impacted on the costs and availability of publicly-provided infrastructure,” New Zealand tourism minister Kelvin Davis said.

“Many regions are struggling to cope and urgently need improved infrastructure, from toilet facilities to carparks.”

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When does the New Zealand tourist tax take effect?

In light of the latest announcement, a summer vacation Down Under
is set to cost more than was the case in the past.

According to Traveller24, the price hikes in immigration and visa fees will take effect in November, and the exact prices are still yet to be confirmed.

How much does the New Zealand visa cost?

At present, travellers from South Africa pay around R1 500 for online visa applications.

Late last year, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) announced that they would be closing down several international offices, including their one in Pretoria, making their services available online only.

Previously, South Africans did not require a visa to enter New Zealand, as was also the case vice-versa.

That all changed in 2017 when New Zealand tweaked their immigration laws, which also lead to the SA home affairs department also requiring a visa from Kiwi travellers.

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