Moving to NZ from the USA

Moving to NZ from the USA. Image credit: AdobeStock

Moving to NZ from the USA: What you can expect (Other than AFL without the padding)

(Partner Content) When it comes to quality of life, a great work-life balance and well as a quieter and more laid back lifestyle, New Zealand is just the sort of country you want to move to.

Moving to NZ from the USA

Moving to NZ from the USA. Image credit: AdobeStock

While NZ is known for its natural beauty and welcoming and friendly locals, there are a raft of other benefits. Healthcare is excellent and once you’re a resident, it’s completely free or highly subsidised. 

You can be assured of a great life for yourself and your family in New Zealand. And while New Zealand is a land of many diverse cultures and people from around the world, it is also an English speaking, developed, Western nation, which will make your transition from the USA that much smoother and easier. 

Why New Zealand is a great place to live, work, raise a family

The most powerful passport in the world, ranking at the top of the freedom rankings in the world, and a government and system that is the least corrupt world-wide make NZ the ultimate place to live.

With pristine beaches, majestic fjords, fiery mud pools, dark forests and scenic braided rivers, there are adventures enough to delight adults and kids equally. The thriving food and wine industry specialises in fresh local produce as well as international flavours, so even your stomach gets an unparalleled quality of life here. 

With a population of 5 million, the entire country is about the size of the state of Colorado. Which means no part of the country is far away or out of driving distance. And yet, many spots in NZ have unspoiled beauty and are not densely populated. Cost of living is comparable to American cities and if you are from expensive ones like Boston, New York or Los Angeles, then you’re likely to find it much cheaper. And you will certainly get spacious comfortable accommodation, be it a stand-alone house with garden, a more rural countryside establishment or an urban apartment with a view. 

Get close to nature 

Imagine living near nature, even while enjoying city life. In New Zealand, even the big cities like Auckland and Christchurch are mere minutes away from sandy beaches, rugged coastline with

spectacular views, mountains made for hiking and biking, or parks with fascinating wildlife and innumerable walking trails. Which means whether you want the adrenaline rush of climbing a mountain or a peaceful day picnicking on the beach, you get that easily. 

You’ll also meet some of NZ’s native wildlife; the squeak of the native fantail ‘pīwakawaka’, the feisty tui, and the large-bosomed woodpigeon, kereru. And this is just in your backyard.

Work-life balance

And no matter where you live – in the suburbs or right in the city, there really is no such thing as an exhausting long commute for work. New Zealanders take the idea of maintaining work-life balance very seriously. Employers often don’t expect employees to be on call beyond work timings, and they understand that everyone needs their vacations.

With an expected 47,000 job openings annually for the next several years, New Zealand is looking to immigrants and skilled workers from other countries to help fill those openings. Should you have skills that are cited by Immigration New Zealand in the Essential Skills in Demand (ESID) lists of skill shortages, you are in an even better position to find employment. There are different types of visas to apply for that will allow you to live, work, and apply for permanent residence in NZ.

The skilled migrant category and the investment visa are two options, and for those between the ages of 18-30, you can apply for a working holiday visa which has a duration of 12 months.

Temperate climate 

NZ’s climate is highly changeable and it varies from the North to the South. The weather in the North Island is more temperate and you can enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle all 12 months of the year. It is unlikely to ever get too hot or too cold to go on a hike or visit a beach and it’s rare to be worried about snow days and cancellations. The South Island is cooler, but still a very liveable climate.

New Zealand features warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters – the only thing to remember is that the seasons are the opposite of what you have in the US. You will have a summery November through January and a wintery June through August. So, no more white Christmas.

A great place to raise a family 

It is not uncommon for Kiwis to return to their native land to start or raise their families. Aside from all the advantages already discussed, New Zealand has an excellent educational system that is also very affordable. The educational system emphasises wellbeing and is known to provide quality education in a nurturing environment that does not stress or burden students. In terms of higher education too, all 8 of New Zealand’s universities featured in the top 500 of the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

It is the kind of place where children flourish and grow, making it ideal for physical and mental wellbeing. There are many opportunities for sports and recreational activities too, so children get that active upbringing that is so sought after.

If NZ sounds like heaven on earth, it’s true—and we can help you get there. Contact us at Malcolm Pacific Immigration to find out what visa is best for you, and how we can make your move a reality.