Moving house: Five tips to sav

Moving house: Five tips to save you money on shipping

Moving is expensive! We spoke to a shipping expert about some ways to cut back on unnecessary moving costs.

Moving house: Five tips to sav

We spoke to Seven Seas Worldwide’s relocation expert Michael Spicer who provided a rundown of the five most essential tips when shipping items abroad.

Cut the cost of moving abroad

It’s an unavoidable fact that sending items abroad can be an expensive business. When you take into consideration the customs charges, destination charges and numerous courier fees, it all starts to add up. Therefore, if you’re looking to cut the costs, take a look at our tips below to give you a few pointers in the right direction.


One of the most important factors to consider before moving abroad is ‘decluttering’.

If there are items you could sell at your current address and replace at the destination address such as a TV, kitchenware or items of furniture, then we suggest taking that option.

The lighter your load is, the less you have to pay. Plus if you sell a few items at your current address, you’ll be providing yourself with a little financial platform to support you at your destination address.

Plan ahead

The earlier you make your decision, the more scope you’ll have for choice and the more reasonable the costs will be. The later you leave it, the more you’ll be paying. This applies to international couriers, airlines, travel bookings and accommodation.

By sea is best

Air freight is the fastest way of getting items from A to B but it will always be more expensive so if you want to save money, sending your items by sea is the best option.

Ditch unnecessary expenditure before your move

Before any major trip abroad, it’s always good to make a list or a spreadsheet of where your money goes on a monthly basis and highlighting the areas where spending could be reduced or cut out altogether. Now, for instance, would be a good time to ditch any unwanted gym memberships.

Choose your moving company carefully

Another sure-fire way of saving money on shipping is to send your items with Seven Seas Worldwide! We offer free boxes and packing materials, free storage options and we’re among the most affordable shipping companies in the world. Plus we’re all jolly friendly. But don’t take our word for it, watch this short video about what we do and make your mind up then.

For more information on saving money on shipping and sending personal belongings abroad, check out the website or speak to a member of the team.