Moving house: Five pitfalls to

Moving house: Five pitfalls to avoid when shipping your home

Moving abroad is among the most stressful things you can do in your life, which is why we don’t do it very often.

Moving house: Five pitfalls to

We spoke to Seven Seas Worldwide’s relocation expert Michael Spicer who provided a rundown of the five things to avoid when shipping items abroad.

How to avoid unnecessary moving snags

The following tips are ways in which you can reduce the stress of moving abroad by side-stepping potential disasters. We can’t promise we’ll eliminate all stress, but we’ll certainly give it a go.

Know about the place you’re going to

Make sure everything is in place with your new country so there are no nasty surprises after your initial arrival.

Check for any visa, tax and insurance obligations. And ensure you know where you stand with your driving licence. Are you required to take any further tests?

Don’t procrastinate

Never ever leave anything till the last minute, particularly packing boxes. If you pack a box without the necessary forethought and planning, you stand a greater chance of the items within that box breaking.

Prepare for your first few days

Always pack an ‘emergency box’ that contains all the essential items you need the moment you arrive at your new address. This will eradicate the need to unpack every box to locate what you need and consequently causing a chaotic mess.

This emergency box will contain tea and coffee making facilities, paracetamol and other medicines, toiletries, basic tools, kitchen utensils and anything else you think you may need as soon as you put the key in your new property.

Don’t risk packing prohibited items

The biggest cause of delays and fines is packing prohibited or restricted items. Check every item before you pack it and if you are unsure about an item, simply check online; there are endless pages of information about what customs officials do NOT want to see passing through their x-ray machines.

Choose your moving company carefully

An effective way of dodging the hazards of moving abroad is to check in with Seven Seas Worldwide! We provide a comprehensive shipping network that will help you move your items door-to-door, supervising your shipment from A to B. We provide free boxes and packing materials, free storage options and a team of experts operating 24/7 to assist you at every stage of your journey.

For more information about making moving day as smooth a process as possible, check out the website or call a member of the team.

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