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Immigrating to Canada: How to find work abroad

(Partner content) For many people looking to move to Canada, their applications may hinge on obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer.


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While the process may seem quite daunting, there are steps you can take to make your odds of finding a job in Canada more successful.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Canada has started a new pilot program which involves fourteen communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. These communities are seeking to attract new immigrants willing to live and work in their communities. As part of the program, anyone seeking to move to these communities will require a job offer. This process is easier for those willing to live and work in one of these communities as employers have started to advertise jobs which are specifically targeted to foreign nationals wanting to immigrate to Canada. Of the fourteen communities only four have started to post job availabilities, with the other communities are expected to start advertising these positions in the upcoming months. The fourteen communities which are included in this program are:

  • Trail, British Columbia
  • Castlegar, British Columbia
  • Rossland, British Columbia
  • Nelson, British Columbia
  • Vernon, British Columbia
  • Claresholm, Alberta
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Altona/Rhineland, Manitoba
  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • North Bay, Ontario
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Timmins, Ontario
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario has announced that they will be using a points system to assess foreign skilled worker candidates and will be giving preference to those with a job offer in one of the following fields:

  • NOC-11 – Professional occupations in business and finance
  • NOC-21 – Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences
  • NOC-30 – Professional occupations in nursing
  • NOC-31 – Professional occupations in health (except nursing)
  • NOC-40 – Professional occupations in education services
  • NOC-74 – Other installers, repairers and servicers and material handler
  • NOC-75 – Transport and heavy equipment operation and related maintenance occupations
  • NOC-76 – Trades helpers, construction labourers and related occupations
  • NOC-22 – Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences.
  • NOC-32 – Technical occupations in health
  • NOC-34 – Assisting occupations in support of health services.
  • NOC-44 – Care providers and educational, legal and public protection support occupations
  • NOC-72 – Industrial, electrical and construction trades
  • NOC-75 – Transport and heavy equipment operation and related maintenance occupations
  • NOC-76 – Trades helpers, construction labourers and related occupations
  • NOC-92 – Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators
  • NOC-94 – Processing and manufacturing machine operators and related production workers
  • NOC-95 – Assemblers in manufacturing
  • NOC-96 – Labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities
  • NOC-07-09 – Middle management occupations in trades, transportation, production and utilities
  • NOC 6321 – Chefs
  • NOC 6322 – Cooks

Thunder Bay will only consider foreign skilled worker candidates with a job offer in one of the following occupations:

  • 3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • 3142 Physiotherapists
  • 2131 Civil Engineers
  • 2132 Mechanical Engineers
  • 2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • 2223 Forestry Technicians and Technologists
  • 2271 Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors
  • 2272 Air traffic controllers and related occupations
  • 321 Medical Technologists and Technicians
  • 3219 Pharmacy Technician
  • 3233 Licensed practical nurses
  • 4214 Early childhood educators and assistants
  • 6321 Chefs
  • 6331 Butchers and Bakers
  • 7283 Tile setters
  • 7311 Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  • 7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  • 7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
  • 8231 Underground production and development miners
  • 8241 Logging Machine Operators
  • 3411 Dental assistants
  • 3413 Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  • 7441 Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • 7511 Transport truck drivers
  • 7521 Heavy equipment operators (except crane)
  • 8411 Underground mine service and support workers
  • 9414 Concrete, clay and stone forming operators
  • 9415 Inspectors and testers, mineral and metal processing 
  • 9416 Metalworking and forging machine operators
  • 9417 Machining tool operators 
  • 9418 Other metal products machine operators 
  • 9431 Sawmill machine operators 
  • 9432 Pulp mill machine operators 
  • 9433 Papermaking and finishing machine operators 
  • 9434 Other wood processing machine operators
  • 9435 Paper converting machine operators 
  • 9436 Lumber graders and other wood processing inspectors and graders
  • 7611 Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers.

How to make your application to Canada stand out

When applying for work in Canada, it is important to ensure that your Résumé (Curriculum vitæ) is up to Canadian standards. A powerful résuméis one that can clearly describe your achievements in such a way that you can confidently defend what you did, take pride in the fact that you produced the outcomes, and communicate to the recruiter the context behind you, personally, as an individual. A properly, well thought-out résumé is an autobiography of yourself, while at the same time a road-map for recruiters to have an idea of what kind of person you are, and in the longer term, perhaps where you may end up fitting best in their organization. Simeon Wong of assists prospective immigrants to Canada with converting their CVs into Canadian résumés, tailoring their LinkedIn profiles for the Canadian market and preparing them for Canadian interviews. Simeon has provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions associated with drafting a Canadian résumé. This interview can be accessed for free via Spotify or the Canada Abroad Canadian Immigration Podcast.

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