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Watch: The ‘Come Home, Bru’ campaign hilariously sums up why SA is better than Australia [video]

The SA tourism board in Oz are asking expats to come back home. If only for a holiday.

Tourism land expropriation

Facebook / South African Tourism AU

You know, we really do need reminding that this country is not the merchant of gloom many will have you believe.

Thanks to the South African tourist board in Australia, we now have all the proof we need that this really is the greatest place on earth. Well, better than down under anyway.

This hilarious video was made to encourage expats in Oz to come back home, just for a little visit. As the clip proves, the grass really is greener here than it is over there.

The banter is off the chain in this one: Our ‘bru’ takes the best elements of South Africa and compares them to our Australian counterparts:

Beer prices, food, having one capital city vs having three capital cities and of course, our superior rugby team are all used as a stick to beat the homesick South African with.

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The visual content is absolutely stunning, too. Lekker sunsets in our nation’s most scenic locations merge with beautifully shot wildlife and reminders of our love for a celebration.

In the words of our bru, let’s put it this way:

“So come on expats, come on home. Where the grass is greener, the cricket is better, and the sundowners are the best in the world.”

I’ll raise a very affordable drink to that. You can see the video here:

Calling all South Africans in Australia.

Calling all South Africans in Australia. It’s time to come home – if only for a holiday.
But why bother? Let us show you.
#WowSouthAfrica #ComeHomeBru

Posted by South African Tourism AU on Tuesday, 4 July 2017