New Aussie parent visa reunite

New Aussie parent visa reunites South African families

Immigrating takes its toll on family structure when South Africans choose to make Australia their new home and leave behind aging parents. A new visa announced by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection will give families an opportunity to re-unite.

New Aussie parent visa reunite

The temporary sponsored parent visa will enable the 150,000 South African expats who have immigrated to Australia to bring their parents over to Australia for extended periods of time, starting from November 2017.

According to Sam Hopwood, MD of Sable International’s Australian office the new visa will provide another option to re-unite families.

“The existing Parent visa options can take over 30 years to be granted or be very expensive, so many people immigrating to Australia leave their parents behind and these parents lose out on irreplaceable years that could be spent with their children and grandchildren,” said Hopwood.

“The temporary sponsored parent visa will allow Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for up to five years at a time. The visa may be renewed from outside of Australia to allow a cumulative stay of up to ten years.”

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will undertake a review of the temporary sponsored parent visa at the end of the first programme year.

The visa costs about R104 000 (AUD 10,000) for five years and just over R50 000 (AUD 5 000) for three years.

Hopwood outlined how to sponsor a parent:

The sponsor must:

  • Be a biological, adoptive, or step-child of the parent
  • Provide valid evidence of identity
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Accept legal liability for any outstanding public health debt their sponsored parent accrues