Australian migratory system

Reforms to Australia’s migratory system in the pipelines. Image : File / SBS

Australian visas: Applicants face new hurdles to meet toughened requirements

Visa changes implemented this month affect all those wanting to migrate.

Australian migratory system

Reforms to Australia’s migratory system in the pipelines. Image : File / SBS

Governmental initiatives implemented this month will affect all those applying for an Australian visa. According to SBS Punjabi, eligibility requirements for some permanent skilled visas are being changed to better suit Australia’s needs.

The new Australian initiatives will affect prospective skilled migration visa applicants, businesses sponsoring skilled migrants, as well as all points-test based visa applications.

New requirements for point-based skilled migration

The points-based emigration program is aimed at attracting skilled and experienced labour into the country.  From 1 July 2018 the points threshold will now be increased from 60 to 65.

New Global Talent Visa scheme

The Global Talent visa scheme is a new program which was implemented on 1 July 2018 and will be on trial for 12 months.

The new scheme aims at attracting highly skilled workers to deliver innovation to Australia’s tech industry.

The program is similar to the existing entrepreneur visa, but is separated into two classes: start-up stream and established business stream.

Increase in visa fees

In partner visa applications, the prospective applicant will now need to pay $7,160 instead of $7,000. The fee for Business Innovation and Investment visa in the Premium Investor stream will record the highest hike of $190, costing applicants $8,770.

Skilled partner age limit lowered for Australian permanent visas

The maximum age of a skilled partner has been lowered to 45. Applicants under this age limit can claim additional points in the general points test.

Changes to employer-sponsored visas

The Australian government plans to implement the Skilled Australians Fund and Nomination Training Contribution Charge (NTCC) for company sponsors.

Employers and businesses seeking to nominate a worker will need to pay NTCC for select visas.

Increase expected in General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas

General Skilled Migration Visa is designed for skilled workers who are willing to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. This visa is also applicable to those individuals who can get sponsorship of an Australian employer.

SBS Punjabi reports that there is an expected spike in GSM visa applications in the near future.

Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL) changes

Australia’s skilled occupation lists are currently under review. A number of occupations were flagged for removal from the lists and some were put up for moving between different lists.

Australian citizenship changes

A proposed citizenship bill is expected to make Australian citizenship for foreigners a lot tougher. The revised legislation includes an increased residence requirement up to four years and a mandatory English test.