How to move from South Africa to Spain

How to move from South Africa to Spain. Image credit: AdobeStock

How to move from South Africa to Spain

The situation in South Africa today has resulted in many of its citizens considering other places to live. Spain, located at the very forefront of Europe, is one of the most popular choices, thanks to the possibilities it offers – with an advantageous agreement in place between the two countries.

How to move from South Africa to Spain

How to move from South Africa to Spain. Image credit: AdobeStock

When it comes to financial benefits, the Beckham law Spain is one of the most attractive bonuses for those arriving from outside of Europe. Published in 2004, many foreign nationals have taken advantage of this law to start their lives in a new country – away from their country of birth or residence.

What is the Beckham Law?

Also known as the ‘impatriates’ law, the Beckham Law is a special tax regime through which foreign citizens arriving in Spain to work or make a living will only pay a fixed rate of 24% of the income obtained in their professional work.

Named after the famous footballer David Beckham, the Spanish tax rate (Spanish tax rate) is significantly lowered, allowing those with a good job to save significant sums of money. This benefit, which applies for the first five years of residency in the country, has not been modified since its first implementation.

To request it, all you need to do is register with Social Security as an employee of the company by which you have been hired, presenting a valid passport and the employment contract provided to you by the company in question. If you have already registered with the Spanish Social Security Office (INSS), you’ll also be asked to provide your social security number.

Is the Beckham Law applicable to everyone?

No. Not all foreign nationals can request the Beckham Law, as, from the outset, it was implemented to help employees. As such, if you work for yourself (self-employed), or if you’re a sporting athlete or a company director, you will not be able to take advantage of this bonus.

This way, the system aims to work with those who may have an uncertain future with regard to employment and whose employment contracts might not last as long as they initially expected. The categories indicated above, however, are often expected to arrive with agreements, clients or some other source of income already in place.

South Africans, currently experiencing difficult conflict in their home country, can find a source of hope in Spain and other European countries in which they hope to enter – little by little – and it’s for this reason that aid must not come simply from residents, but also from companies and/or institutions.

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