Four tips on how to manage a s


Four tips on how to manage a smooth and easy relocation

Relocating can be very stressful.

Four tips on how to manage a s


There is paperwork to fill in, a house to organise, new stuff to learn (sometimes even a language) and all that together can be a bit overwhelming. You will have to put all your energy into the relocation process.

Hopefully, you will be moving with a new job offer. Otherwise, it is time for some job-hunting. Exciting times are ahead and here are some of the tips and hacks that you should definitely consider when moving abroad.

Rent rather than buy

Renting gives you a bit more of time to get your feet on the ground when arriving at your new city. Renting a property allows you to search calmly for your future perfect home -rushing is never good!

The Internet is now full of search engines that allow your search to be as smooth as it can get. Websites like Nestpick search exactly for what you are looking for in seconds. To be more precise, they specialise in fully furnished apartments and homes. These details are very much appreciated when you are relocating and moving to a different country.

Ship your belongings to your new place

Shipping your stuff over to your new home is a smart idea. No one loves packing and unpacking boxes, however, carrying heavy boxes down your 5th-floor apartment, is even worse. 

Explore the area

When you move to a new city, area or country, exploring your surroundings is a must. Once you arrive, try going public-transport-free for some days as you have a whole new neighbourhood to explore: new coffee shops, new restaurants, off-licenses and many other important spots, that will probably come in handy sometime soon. Chat with your local bakery owner or grab a pizza on the first night in your rented apartment. 

Handle the paperwork

Once you have made it to the other side of the world as planned, you will probably be spending some time organising your relocation paperwork such as local registrations, schools if you are travelling with children, new phone numbers and maybe even vehicles.

A good way to avoid a bunch of paperwork time and issues when renting a house, for instance, is Nestpick. They will make sure you have one less thing to do and simply do everything online. What a relief, right?