Emigrating, home owner


Emigration: why you should use a professional moving company

Some things are better left to the professionals.

Emigrating, home owner


There are specific steps to take to ensure your beloved belongings are transported securely and reach their final destination in a pristine condition. We chatted to the moving experts at Stuttaford Van Lines to find out why you should use a professional moving company when moving abroad.

Get a quote

First things first. It is a good idea to first establish the total cost of your move. Get several quotes from registered moving companies to see which one suits your specific needs and budget the best. Consider the following before getting a quote, as this information will determine the cost of your move:

  • The load size – don’t forget to take only the absolute essentials as most bulky items can be replaced once you reach your destination.
  • The distance your goods will be transported.
  • The type of furniture you have.

Give an idea of what you own

A moving company should request an itinerary of your belongings which will save time and help to ensure that your final price does not differ much from the initial quotation.

Remember to mention large items like pianos and pool tables, or anything that is bulky or has an unusual shape that may require a few people to carry.

Numbering and labelling of boxes should be tracked with an itinerary and box numbers so that unpacking on the other side can be simple and easy.

Moving is also a great time to draw up an inventory of your belongings and determine whether you can discard any items you no longer need.

Get insurance

Insurance is a vital part of your move and a necessity if you have fragile or valuable items. The cost of the insurance is usually calculated at 1% or 2% of the load’s total worth, depending on the amount of cover you decide to get.

We advise that you get insurance from a company other than your removal company. Also, try to take photographs of fragile or valuable items before they are packed, should something go wrong.

In the event of an insurance claim, your inventory list and photographs will be used as proof that the removal company was in possession of the items when they were damaged or lost.

There are no guarantees when it comes to moving and transporting your belongings, but using a professional company is the first step you can take towards ensuring the safety of your most treasured items.