Parents of the 21 teenagers who died at Enyobeni tavern are still waiting for the cause of death. Image via Twitter @blessingsramoba

Mom of Enyobeni victim speaks out: ‘We did not send our kids to the tavern’

The mother of one of the 21 Enyobeni teens, who mysteriously died on Sunday, has opened up about the pain of being labelled negligent parents.


Parents of the 21 teenagers who died at Enyobeni tavern are still waiting for the cause of death. Image via Twitter @blessingsramoba

The tragic passing of 21 young people on Sunday 26 June at Enyobeni tavern in East London has opened up a discourse about parenting, underage drinking and the South African club scene.

As parents of the teens who died continue to mourn, they have been criticised for their parenting skills, with many labelling them reckless. Noluthando Nkani, the mother of 18-year-old Inathi who sadly lost her life on that day, has spoken out about her pain.

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According to Drum Magazine, the mom-of-three expressed the pain of being labelled irresponsible whilst mourning her daughter.

“Khange sibathume abantwana bethu pha (we did not send our children there). It is hurtful for people to go on as if we are negligent parents who were so loose that we would want our children to die at a tavern. Siyabaqeqesha abantwana baphume ezandleni (we discipline our children but they go off track).”

Nkani also shared that she is a single parent, like many of the other parents whose kids had attended the Enyobeni event that night.

“I live with my three children and I do my best for them. Inathi was my last born and I had dreams and high hopes for her.”

According to Nkani, Inathi left home at 20:00 with a friend, but she did not tell her where she was going.

“At around 4:00 [on Sunday], the friend she left with came knocking on my door saying Inathi had died at that tavern. What makes this even worse is that she leaves behind an 20-month-old baby boy.”


As per EWN on Thursday 30 June, the bodies of all the Enyobeni Tavern victims have been identified by their families. While the cause of the deaths has not been confirmed, it is understood that carbon monoxide poisoning may have been the cause.

Health Department spokesperson Yonela Dekeda said:

“As the department, we want to confirm that the last body from the Scenery Park tragedy has been identified from our Woodbrook State Mortuary, which then means that all 21 bodies that were taken to Woodbrook State Mortuary on Sunday morning have been identified and taken by their families.”

A mass funeral will be held for the 21 teenagers on Wednesday 6 July.

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