Lego sets are worth more than you think… Image via Pixabay

Collector’s items? A look at the most expensive Lego sets in SA

The most expensive Lego sets in South Africa can cost between R7k and R15k and can increase in value over time…


Lego sets are worth more than you think… Image via Pixabay

Although they have survived near-bankruptcy, Danish toy manufacturer Lego is one of the world’s biggest toy companies. Legos aren’t just for children anymore, but adults can build legos too! 

According to the founder of a local Lego retailer, investing in Lego could benefit you in the long run. She added that Lego sets can increase in value over time. 


According to a 2014 report by Business Insider, in 2004, Lego struggled to provide consumers with what “they wanted” and struggled to manage their costs effectively. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jǿrgen Vig Knudstorp made a dramatic change at the company and gave fans creative direction of the toy sets. Luckily, it worked for the brand. 

Designer at the toy manufacturer, Mark Stafford mentioned that between 1999 and 2003, the company “had no idea” how much manufacturing costs would be for their toy sets.

Stafford added that part of the manufacturer’s massive turnaround can be credited to the release of The Lego Movie released in 2014. The animation movie made over R7 billion at the box office.


Founder of local Lego retailer, Kiddiwinks, Bryony Poulter told Business Insider that certain sets can increase in value, especially ones that contain unique pieces or characters. 

“The more uncommon a piece, the more it drives up the value. A great example is the Lego goat, which has only ever been in one set.” 

Poulter added that a second-hand goat can be sold for R1 500, more than what the original set costs. 

She also mentioned that investing in Lego sets can be a good option in the long run. “The demand for these sets usually remains for several years after they’re retired by the company, particularly given the collectability of them,” added Poulter. 

“If a set was released in limited quantities, it will have a higher resale value.”

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  • Star Wars Millennium Falcon: R15 499
  • Star Wars All Terrain Armoured Transport: R13 999
  • Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer: R12 4999
  • Titanic: R10 7999
  • Colosseum: R8 799
  • App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer: R7 999
  • Star Wars Slave I: R7 999
  • Harry Potter The Hogwarts Castle: R7 4999
  • Star Wars Ewok Village: R7 450
  • Bugatti Chiron: R7 2999

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