husband training

One TikTok mom is making sure her sons are amazing husbands. Image via Unsplash

‘Genius’ mom puts teen sons through strict ‘husband training’ [watch]

‘The world needs it,’ one person wrote after a young man shared how his mother put him and his brothers through ‘husband training’.

husband training

One TikTok mom is making sure her sons are amazing husbands. Image via Unsplash

A young man has caused quite a stir on social media after he shared how his mother decided that he and his older brothers should go through “husband training”. The young man – who is fully grown now – headed to TikTok to share how his mother taught them an array of things about being a good husband such as chivalry, eating etiquette, and problem-solving.

Social media users had various reactions to the TikTok clip as they discussed whether it was something all mothers should be doing or not.

Mom puts her sons through ‘husband training’

Having a husband often feels like having a teenage son who needs a lot of taking care of – at least for some wives, that is.

The lucky ones have husbands who go above and beyond to be a partner and not another responsibility and that may be thanks to mothers who insist their sons learn what it takes to be part of a successful marriage.

One such mother, Mickey Weaver, took things to the next level when she decided that all her sons would go through ‘husband training’. Taking to TikTok, Mickey’s son shared how the lessons were a full curriculum that taught her sons a number of things about being good husbands.

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In his clip, her son Doug Weaver shares that some of the things his mom taught them were a bit too much – referring to a porn quiz about the porn industry.

He does however say that other things they were taught in their husband’s training course, such as how to deal with conflict, consent in marriage, how to express your feelings in an appropriate way, and how to tell if your wife is in distress, were really valuable to him.

So valuable n fact, that he says he will definitely be passing on some of his lessons to his sons.

@dougweaverart Husbands in training! #parenting #storytime #story ♬ original sound – dougweaverart

What other TikTokers think

While many people thought Mickey was really on to something, others argued that wives would need the same kind of training. Here are some of their comments:

Jessica Whiteaker said:

“Please publish this!!! As a mom of 3 boys we NEED this.”

al4scythe said:

“The world needs this curriculum! maybe spouse in training though, because a lot of it sounds helpful to the ladies too!”

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