toddler mom

One toddler ordered R30k worth of furniture online. Image via Unsplash

Mom shook after toddler uses phone to order R30 000 worth of furniture!

Another toddler has managed to bamboozle his parents after he used mommy’s phone to order chairs worth R30 000!

toddler mom

One toddler ordered R30k worth of furniture online. Image via Unsplash

Imagine hearing someone at the door and discovering at it is a delivery man bringing you R30 000 worth of furniture that you didn’t order? One more does not need to imagine after this exact thing happened to her recently. According to reports, the mom’s toddler was playing with her phone when he placed the large order!

Toddler orders furniture worth R30k using mom’s phone

Last year, we were left laughing our butts off as a man explained how he got the shock of his life when Ubereats delivered food worth almost R16 000 to his workplace. This was after his hungry little one decided to place an order for some cakes and unfortunately went overboard.

The same thing has happened to a New Jersey mom and dad whose son was playing with her phone.

According to Business Insider, Pramod Kumar and his wife, Madhu, both of them were perplexed when large boxes started arriving at their door.

“My wife was thinking I did it, but I was thinking she did it,” Pramod told CNN, according to the publication.

According to Madhu, she had placed a number of chairs in her cart while deciding which she was going to choose. Her son then decided to order the whole bunch which cost a total of $1,786.99 (R30 000).

Crisis averted

The young mom also shared that luckily for them, Walmart – where the chairs were purchased from – is willing to help them return the unused chairs and in fact, finds the situation quite amusing.

Dad added that they may keep a few of the chairs just for memories of this bizarre incident.

They also shared that they have since removed their card details from their phones to avoid something like this happening in the future.

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