Miss SA, susan muller

Miss SA hopeful Susan Muller has responded to nasty social media trolls.
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Miss SA hopeful reacts to trolls: ‘Won’t let anyone bring me down’

Miss SA hopeful, Stellenbosch student Susan Müller has responded to nasty trolls who criticised her pageant video entry…

Miss SA, susan muller

Miss SA hopeful Susan Muller has responded to nasty social media trolls.
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A Miss SA video entry from a young Durbanvillewoman has attracted a torrent of abuse from Internet trolls. However, Susan Müller has remained undeterred in her quest to conquer the crown.

In fact, she’s even received public support from current queen Natasha Joubert, who will hand over to her successor in August.

Social media has been flooded with videos of hopefuls for the competition, which closed their entries last week.


Earlier this month, Susan Müller uploaded her video entry for the Miss SA pageant.

The bubbly blonde said: “I’m excited to take this opportunity to make a change.

“I’m a very positive person because I always look for the bright side. I’m a loving person and love to communicate and interact with people”.

The video quickly went viral, but not everyone had something positive or kind to say.

In the comment section, the 20-year-old University of Stellenbosch student was ripped to shreds by nasty trolls who criticised her over her appearance and delivery.


While strangers left unkind words in the comment section, several big names from the beauty pageant showed their love and support for the young woman.

Miss SA 2023 Natasha Joubert commented: “I’m proud of you, Susan. The way you reply to everyone with s much grace and kindness. I wish you the best for the journey.

2020 queen and mental health activist Shudu Musida commented: “You emit such positive energy and vibes. I can’t wait to see how you share that with the world as part of your Miss SA journey.

2015 winner Liesl Laurie posted: “Love this for you! Go get it! Rooting for you”, while 2002 queen Cindy Nell commented: “You are gorgeous, you are unique, you are worthy. Dream big. You can make any dream come true.

Miss SA 2021 finalist Bianca Bezuidenhout shared: “You are beautiful Susan. No. No matter what the outcome is, you are worthy and enough”.


Speaking to The South African, Susan Müller shared that her positive outlook was a result of her prioritising her mental health.

The young woman revealed she had sought professional help to deal with depression, anxiety, and OCD.

She said: “If you do not look after your mental health, you will ultimately stop looking after yourself. I am doing much better”

Susan revealed that being cyberbullied had heightened her anxiety, and she considered withdrawing her entry. However, she had a change of heart.

She said: “I know myself; I’m not going to let anyone bring me down. I am proud of who I am today. If I faced this two years ago, I would have been in shambles because I didnt have the self-confidence I have today.

“I don’t let the negative comments get to my head. People are really mean. Why would I let a stranger determine who I am?


Susan Muller added that she was inspired by current winner Natasha Joubert, who entered the competition for a second time.

“She took a leap of faith and went in for the experience. Natasha is making a change and a great impact. She inspired me never to give up,” she said.

If she advances to the next round, Susan hopes to focus on mental health advocacy.

natasha joubert, miss sa
Natasha Joubert has opened up her mental health struggle. Images via Instagram: @natasha_joubert