Melissa Cohen Biden: What we k

Photo: ABC/Twitter

Melissa Cohen Biden: What we know about Joe Biden’s South African daughter-in-law

President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is married to South African-born Melissa Cohen Biden.

Melissa Cohen Biden: What we k

Photo: ABC/Twitter

It recently came as a surprise when it was discovered that Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law originally hails from South Africa.

Joe Biden’s South African daughter-in-law

Yes, according to various reports, president-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is married to South African-born Melissa Cohen Biden.

It is said that Melissa (33), is an expat from Johannesburg who married Hunter Biden (50), in a secret ceremony at her Los Angeles home on 16 May 2019, according to SA People. Their families were not present for the nuptials, but the bride and groom’s parents have publicly shown support for the newly-wed couple.

Melissa and Hunter reportedly tied the know within six days of meeting each other and welcomed their first son later this year. This is Hunter’s fifth child — he has three daughters from his first marriage and a fourth from a short previous relationship.

About Melissa Cohen Biden

Melissa spends her time working as an activist, according to various outlets.

She is a naturalised US citizen and filmmaker. She is passionate about social justice issues, including the environment, abused and endangered animals and mistreated indigenous peoples, workers and refugees.

According to 2OceansVibe, Melissa was adopted into a Jozi family, where she is the youngest of four, and the only girl. She attended King David High School Victory Park, in Randburg, after which she studied at the University of Johannesburg, before moving to Randburg’s Greenside College of Design, graduating with a qualification in interior design.

She has claimed in the past that she was raised by an isiXhosa woman, who took her for frequent visits to the Transkei. Because of this, she only learnt to speak English when she was six.

Melissa met Hunter through a mutual friend, says Cape Town Etc, who wrote her number on his hand and insisted that he call her. Within days of meeting, he got a “Shalom” tattoo identical to hers.

Hunter later said that he “instantly fell in love with her” and he’s in ‘the best place I’ve ever been’. He also said that [he has] ‘fallen in love with her more every day’.

Melissa was reportedly married before Hunter. Her former husband, Rob Mendez, says that he has “nothing but love” for her.

On her relationship with Hunter, he said: “She found love and she’s happy. She’s honest to God an amazing girl; extremely intelligent.”