Meet Steve, the donkey who wen

Image: Twitter/Giles Paley-Phillips

Meet Steve, the donkey who went viral for ‘breaking’ into the feeding shed [video]

What’s Gone Viral: Steve, the donkey went viral earlier this week after ‘breaking’ into the feed shed.

Meet Steve, the donkey who wen

Image: Twitter/Giles Paley-Phillips

This week, Steve the donkey went viral when he was caught out ‘breaking’ into the feeding shed.

Animals with a sense of humour

The donkey, who is seemingly only bothered with giving away kisses, clocked in over 900 000 views on social media when Giles Paley-Phillips, the award-winning author whose work includes There’s a Lion in my Bathroom, and Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs, posted the video.

According to Good Things Guy, the author tried to have a candid conversation with Steve, seemingly without any luck.

Later, though, it turned out that the video was actually taken at Jacobs Ridge and was posted to raise awareness for the animal sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Paley-Phillips wrote: “We noticed that one of the sacks had some teeth marks in it, and let’s just say they weren’t cat teeth marks… they were more like Donkey teeth marks.”

“Quite possibly the best video ever seen on Twitter. I absolutely love this,” a social media user said on Twitter. “Omg that’s made me so happy, that was cute, beautiful and funny,” said another.

Man sings The Lion King intro with donkey

A man from the United States recently also shared a clip of himself and his donkey and horse ‘singing’ the opening song of Disney’s The Lion King.

Travis Kinley, of Sumter, South Carolina, posted a video to his Facebook page of him singing the opening song Circle of Life to his donkey and horse. His donkey’s name is reportedly Nathan, reports Fox News 10.

The video has since gone viral with over 3 million views and more than 67 000 shares on Facebook. It’s also been shared by multiple national and even international news outlets.  

“Thank you for totally making my year with your video! I’ve been watching all day,” said one Facebook user.

“I am crying laughing. This popped off and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said another.