matrix bride

This ‘Matrix’ bride has gone viral. Images via Instagram: @parulgargmakeup

Woah! ‘Matrix’ bride wows netizens with her bendy wedding moves [watch]

If you haven’t seen a ‘Matrix’ bride before, now is your chance. This bride has gone viral for pulling a Neo on her groom. Take a look!

matrix bride

This ‘Matrix’ bride has gone viral. Images via Instagram: @parulgargmakeup

Most couples go out of their way to make sure that their wedding is a day that not only they but their guests too, will always remember. One Indian bride certainly had a memorable wedding after she pulled out movie-style moves while enjoying her ceremony with her groom.

Bride goes viral after doing ‘Matrix’ moves at her wedding

If there’s one thing every bride – and groom – wants, it’s to have the best wedding experience they can ever have. While for some brides and grooms, this means splurging on expensive wedding setups and foods, for others it is simply a fun experience with their loved ones.

One Indian bride is certainly the type who felt like fun was an important part of her wedding and so she made sure that fun was had.

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She recently went viral after video clips from her ceremony was shared online. In the clip, the bride who is undoubtedly a big movie watcher decided to do some Matrix moves by bending over while her groom tried to place a flower garland around her neck.

If you’re unsure about what Matrix is, it is a movie that features Keanu Reeves who plays Neo, a computer programmer looking to save humankind from powerful computers who are basically sucking the life out of humans.

What Neo is most famous for, however, is his super flexibility which once allowed him to bend over backward while trying to dodge bullets.

Netizens are loving it

Needless to say, her moves did not go unnoticed by social media users who laughed out loud as they compared her to the famous Matrix protagonist.

Read some of their comments below:

monasingh82 said:

“By God, I’ve seen a Matrix bride for the first time in my life.”

While Vineetakarkibohra wrote:

“When the bride is a yoga fan.”

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