‘MasterChef South Africa’ returns for season five on SABC. Image: supplied

‘MasterChef South Africa’: Where to watch season five

‘MasterChef South Africa’ is returning for a fifth season, but has found itself a new home on S3. Here’s what we know…


‘MasterChef South Africa’ returns for season five on SABC. Image: supplied

Primedia has announced that MasterChef South Africa season five will be coming to S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturday 13 July.


The South African adaptation of MasterChef is returning for it’s fifth season. MasterChef South Africa ha also found a new home on S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturday 13 July at 19:30. The series previously broadcasted on M-Net (DStv channel 101).

There are 20 uber-passionate home cooks from different backgrounds and with various food-making fortes, who will be stepping into the MasterChef South Africa kitchen. 

These competitive amateur chefs all have the same goal: Impressing the critical judges and dodging the chopping board to be named the country’s MasterChef. So, what will the MasterChef South Africa winner receive? An easy R1 million in prize money. 

Throughout the competition, the show’s new “superior chefs in the making” are tasked to whip up delicious dishes fit for a king. It all boils down to their ability to tickle the taste buds with a perfect mix of flavours and serving a feast for the eye on a plate. 

The series will be rebroadcasting on S3 on Sundays at 18:30 and SABC 2 on Wednesdays at 18:00. The 20 MasterChef South Africa Season 5 contestants will be announced soon. 


  • Katlego Mlambo, who will be joining the season four judges
  • Food connoisseur Zola Nene
  • Cook book author and presenter Justine Drake
  • “The contestants are only as good as their last plate, and anything can happen. It’s a constant race against the clock, and one flop or sub-standard presentation could cost them their MasterChef apron,” Katlego explains. 

Mlambo opened up about the shift from being a guest judge on a previous season to being a resident judge on season five.

“Being a guest, you’re here for the day and you are the rock and roll artist for the day. But I think now being a main judge and actually forming bonds with the contestants – seeing them starting off, and seeing them grow with each challenge. We’re human, and we have emotions, and yesterday I was saying yesterday, seeing them stressing, it’s apart of you as well. It’s a life changing opportunity for a lot of them, who have sacrificed to be away from their family, and work and stuff,” said Mlambo at a set visit attended by The South African.

“So for me to be here, with Zola… I find myself also being teary because it is an emotional ride and getting to bond with people and seeing their struggle and you just having to be there and there’s only a certain amount you can give them it’s life changing,” he continued.

MasterChef South Africa Season five embraces local indigenous products stocked in the spectacular set’s Pick n Pay pantry. The edgy set includes the first-ever half-moon gantry, matching that off Pick n Pay current stores.