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Mandela Month: Lloyd Cele says ‘Thank You’ to frontline workers [watch]

Award-winning singer Lloyd Cele teamed up with the South African Medical Association on a heartwarming song dedicated to our healthcare workers.


Lloyd Cele Image via Instagram @lloydcelemusic

Frontline workers have sacrificed so much to put all their efforts into keeping South Africa safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and Lloyd Cele decided to release a song dedicated to them on Mandela Day 18 July. 


Award-winning singer-songwriter Lloyd Cele wrote and composed a song that thanks healthcare workers for their dedication to helping South Africa fight the COVID-19 virus. The song was also inspired by Mandela Day which is celebrated annually on 18 July.

Speaking about the song, South African Medical Association (Sama) chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee says many healthcare workers have put their own lives at risk, working long hours to care for their patients.

“We think of those fallen heroes, who had lost their lives through their selfless sacrifice to others who needed their services. We also want to pay tribute to them especially. To acknowledge this, we commissioned a song to bring tribute to all healthcare workers.” 


Speaking to eNCA about the song, Lloyd explained that he made the song not by personal experience but by a sense of oar. He considered what it must be like for healthcare workers to work long hours. 

“We also are aware that there’s not many of them out there. We’re understaffed in terms of nurses and doctors but they’re out there. They’re constantly putting their lives at risk and they’re full of passion giving everything that they’ve got.” 


Lloyd Cele sings beautifully while playing the piano in the video as he honours healthcare workers who have contributed to ensuring the good health of all South Africans.

The song immediately draws you in as Lloyd narrates what most healthcare workers have been through. 

“We see the tears on your face. The weight of the world on your shoulders. Abandoned your needs for the cause. Saving lives selflessly.” 

The video includes a few images of healthcare workers in hospitals. 

Watch the video here

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