This man took a nice big sip of hand sanitiser. Images via Instagram: @younglildelty

Call 911! Man caught on camera taking a big gulp of hand sanitiser [watch]

Don’t try this at home: This man took a big swig at a sanitiser bottle and judging by his face, it was a terrible idea. Take a look…


This man took a nice big sip of hand sanitiser. Images via Instagram: @younglildelty

When COVID-19 just hit, South Africans faced a long alcohol ban. Almost instantly, many jokes started rolling in about how hand sanitisers – which are made effective with alcohol – would quickly become victims to booze craving locals. It appears one man has taken the jokes a little bit too seriously and was caught taking a sip of a big blue bottle of hand sanitiser.

Yikes: Man takes big sip of sanitiser

South Africans have not stopped laughing at a short video that shows a pretty desperate man taking a big sip from a blue bottle of hand sanitiser that stood near what appears to be a door at an Ennerdale fast food restaurant.

In the video, which was shared by an Instagram user with the handle, @younglildelty, the man can be seen standing near the bottle of disinfectant unaware that he was being recorded.

He then slowly picks up the bottle and uncaps it before taking a big swig of the dangerous contents. Judging by his facial expression almost immediately after, the disinfectant left a pretty nasty taste in his mouth.

“Slan jou ding (drink your drink),” the video was captioned by the uploader who shared the clip on the social media app early last month.

Netizens are in stitches

The video received a number of views and comments as many social media users shared their thoughts on the man’s bizarre actions. A number of them wondered out loud whether or not he had taken drugs prior to trying out the sanitiser.

Here are some of their comments:

tiana_rihanna_ remarked:

“That man drinks black label just to find out the sanitiser is better.”

Milesadcowrld commented:

“This mann needs alcohol right now but he ain’t got money and doesn’t have a choice.”

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