man dancing on a plane.

This man’s moves are driving Mzansi wild! Images via Twitter: @mthu_d

Moves like Jagger: Groovy man goes viral after jiving on a plane [watch]

It’s a Friday and this man’s dance moves show it. He decided to break it down on a plane and Mzansians haven’t stopped laughing!

man dancing on a plane.

This man’s moves are driving Mzansi wild! Images via Twitter: @mthu_d

Watch out Rassie Erasmus, there’s a new man with moves that is driving the internet wild. A few days ago right here in Mzansi, a man went viral after he was recording throwing all his weight behind some groovy dance moves. Being a dance-loving company and all, Mzansi absolutely loved to see how the buff man showed off his moves without a shy bone in sight!

Man shows off his dance moves on a plane

If you’ve ever been on a plane then you know, rides can get long and tiring.

This must be why the internet is absolutely in love with a buff man who decided to give his fellow flyers a little bit of internet before the long flight.

In a clip that was shared online by @Mthu_D, the man who is wearing his face mask and a red t-shirt can be seen showing off his best moves much to the amusement of other passengers who watched with excitement and delight.

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According to Mthu, all of the action was taking place on a FlySafair plane.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention where the plane was coming from but h does mention that it was making its way to Cape Town.

Mzansi loves to see it

The post received over 200 likes from Twitter users who also headed to the comment section to both compliment him on his moves and joke about how tight his pants are.

Read some of their comments below:

@Dlangankutha said:

“I’ve never been so entertained, yall comments are killing me.”

@obie_baby said:

“I can just imagine abelungu: “Did we get on the right plane? We want Cape Town not Suwetoo”

@RakshanaLazaru2 said:

“Love this. Probably the Airline should consider offering this wonderful man employment. Imagine having him dancing so nicely during a boring flight – it would bring on the smiles. We need this in South Africa. A good decent and happy approach to life – keep on dancing.”

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