Luxury Hotel

Lujo Hotel in Bordum, Turkey Image via Instagram @lujohotel

‘Party too hard’? Hotel’s tantra sofas and strict male room policy

A man could not book a room for himself and a buddy at Turkey’s Lujo Hotel because the hotel does not allow two male guests in a room as ‘men party too hard’.

Luxury Hotel

Lujo Hotel in Bordum, Turkey Image via Instagram @lujohotel

A luxury hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, does not allow two men to stay in a room together. A popular travel blogger wrote a thought-provoking blog post about one of his readers who had booked a room for two men…but was told this is not possible.

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Lujo Hotel: One-man policy

Denis is a reader of Ben Schlapping’s One Mile At A Time travel blog and shared his experience of trying to book a room for two (straight) men at the Lujo Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey. 

The Lujo Hotel is an all-inclusive luxury hotel that offers everything from beach clubs and spas to in-room dining and more. 

When Denis tried to confirm his booking for two men in a room, the hotel communicated to him that this was not possible as men allegedly “party too hard”. 


The Lujo Hotel encourages fun for their guests in a few ways. The luxury hotel offers their guests Indigo Clubber Rooms with a built-in pole for private dance parties. The hotel also offers “tantra sofas” where you can “try new sensual positions to take your love life to a whole new level”.

Ben Schlapping was curious and wanted to confirm what Denis shared with him, so he reached out to the hotel. 

The hotel’s response included all of the great things one can do at the resort but ended off their message with: “Unfortunately, we don’t accept two men staying in the same room. Stay safe and take care!”

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Unfortunately for gay men, it will be difficult to visit the Lujo Hotel because of their rules. Ben Schlapping noted that there are several other hotels in Turkey with this policy and noted two, the DoubleTree by Hilton Antayla-Kemer and DoubleTree by Hilton Bodrum Işıl Club Resort.

According to Lonely Planet, homosexuality is not a criminal offence in Turkey but there has been reports of violence towards LGBTQI+ people in the eastern European country. Turkey also does not recognise same-sex marriage. 

There are LGBTQI+ friendly places in Istanbul, but one would have to do in-depth research before visiting.