Lufthansa to resume Munich flights

Lufthansa to resume Munich flights after 19-year hiatus. Image: Unsplash

Lufthansa to relaunch Joburg-Munich route after 19-year hiatus

Lufthansa Airlines will resume flights between Johannesburg and Munich in 2024, after last operating the route nearly 2 decades ago.

Lufthansa to resume Munich flights

Lufthansa to resume Munich flights after 19-year hiatus. Image: Unsplash

Lufthansa Airlines will resume direct daylight flights between Johannesburg and Munich next year.  

This comes after a 19-year absence of operating its flights on the route for the German carrier.     


The exact date for the restart of this route is yet to be announced though it is expected to be during the European summer. These flights will be operated by an Airbus A350 aircraft. 

The new generation aircraft will offer exceptional levels of passenger comfort and safety as well as enhanced environmental sustainability.


Lufthansa last operated flights between the Bavarian city of Munich and Johannesburg nearly 19 years ago. Its last flight between the two cities was in 2005.

The airline currently operates flights between Munich and Cape Town, on a seasonal basis.

However, this service is set to become a year-round one. Lufthansa reports strong passenger demand for flights into Cape Town.

Demand is driven by increasing tourist flows from Europe to the Mother City.


There is something to be said for day flights. These services are quite comfortable as they allow passengers to arrive at their destination without having lost a night’s sleep.

Lufthansa will operate three return flights a week between Johannesburg and Munich. The Johannesburg-bound flights will depart from Munich at night, arriving in SA the following morning.

Flights from Johannesburg to Munich will operate as day flights. These services will depart from Johannesburg in the morning and arrive in Munich the same evening.


In recent years, several airlines have scrapped first class from their flights as there has been reduced demand for this premium service on many routes. 

Lufthansa however, has not removed first class from its flights.

The airline will enhance its first and business-class product offerings on flights to South Africa.  Lufthansa reports a strong demand for first class on its SA flights.


The Lufthansa Group is committed to South Africa and is looking to enhance the products and services offered on its flights.

The airline demonstrated its commitment to the South African market when it was the first international carrier to land back in the country in October 2020, when lockdown restrictions eased, allowing the return of scheduled flights from abroad. 

Moreover, Lufthansa Airlines has been servicing SA for over 6 decades. The carrier has operated flights to South Africa for 61 years. Its first flight to Johannesburg was in 1962.  


The Lufthansa Group of airlines offers 30 flights a week to South Africa across its three brands: Lufthansa, Edelweiss and Swiss International Air Lines.

The company is also a major employer in South Africa, offering jobs to over 1000 people in the country.

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