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‘Love Island UK’: Lana confesses to celebrity lockdown fling

‘Love Island UK’ is in full swing and the singletons are already stirring up the drama with a game of Never Have I Ever.

Love Island

On Sunday’s episode of Love Island, viewers saw makeup artist Lana Jenkins cuddling with Ron and confiding in him. Sitting on a sunbed, Lana revealed to Ron Hall that she had dated English actor Owen Warner during lockdown.


In the episode, the contestants reportedly sat around a fire pit as they played an all-time favourite game of Never Have I Ever, Mirror reported.

A question: “Never have I ever dated a celebrity?” was posed by one of the Islanders.

Several girls, including 25-year-old Lana, reportedly drank to the question. The blonde beauty reportedly shared with the group that she had dated an actor.

The episode got juicier when Ron later put Lana on the spot, cornering her privately by questioning which actor she was referring to during the spicy game.

Lana disclosed that she had had a romantic situation with actor Owen Warner. Lana’s answer left Ron gob-smacked and the two shared a moment of awkward silence.

Lana sat shyly, patiently waiting for the hunk to take in the information.

When he did, Ron finally found the right words and asked, “Did you love him?”

Judging by the reluctant smile on Lana’s face, Ron then said, “You did, didn’t you?”

Finally. Lana broke her silence by saying, “We had a lockdown relationship.”

The thought that he was cuddling with an actor’s ex like Owen Warner’s stroked Ron’s ego. He boasted,

“So I’m…So basically, I’m competing with someone who’s just come runner-up on a massive show and who’s an actor. And I work in finance.

“Yeah, uhm, yeah, sick. Yeah, is great init,” Ron added.


Love Island
The second season of ‘Winter Love Island UK’ has kicked off and things are getting interesting. Image via Instagram @loveisland


According to Birmingham Live, the Hollyoaks drama star took to his Instagram the following day, filming himself after a strenuous run and reportedly said,

“I feel absolutely smashed. Look how sweaty I am!

“Looks like I’ve been out in the rain, and it’s not even raining out there – I look like a shadow of myself.”

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