Countries where King Charles is Head of State

All the countries where King Charles is head of state. Image : Pexels

Head of state: King Charles III is now head of these countries

Here is a list of the countries where King Charles III will officially be head of state, after the coronation ceremony that takes place today.

Countries where King Charles is Head of State

All the countries where King Charles is head of state. Image : Pexels

The 73-year-old King Charles will officially be proclaimed King of the United Kingdom today, on 6 May, at a ceremony taking place in London’s Westminster Abbey.

Besides the UK, there are 14 other countries that will fall under the statesmanship of the newly appointed British monarch.



The only place in the world that is both a country and a continent, Australia has a long history and deep connections with Britain.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth in September last year, King Charles was officially proclaimed the ruling monarch of Australia, by Governor-General David Hurley.

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Though King Charles III has been confirmed as head of this state, plans are underway to hold a referendum.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he intends to hold a referendum within three years to do away with the British monarchy as head of state.


The island archipelago located in the West Indies is home to just over 400 000 people (data from 2021).

During a formal ceremony held at Parliament Square in the capital Nassau, the Bahamas proclaimed the 73-year-old King Charles as their head of state.


As the United Kingdom prepares to crown its new king, citizens of Belize are laying the groundwork for a similarly historic event: they could be the first nation to remove Charles as head of state.

The country seeks to become a republic.


The large North American country has enjoyed a close relationship with the British monarch. His Majesty King Charles III also has a close connection with Canada.

The country will hold an unveiling to mark the coronation of the new king.


An island state located in the eastern Caribbean Sea is also known as the Isle of Spice. It is home to a population of approximately 125 000 people (in 2021).

Grenada gained independence in 1974. King Charles has visited Grenada once, in 2019.


This island located in the Caribbean Sea, is the third largest in the area. Jamaica is proud of its association with the monarchy.

Jamaica’s capital Kingston is famed for British-colonial architecture as much as it is known for being the homeplace of reggae music.

As sovereign, King Charles III is the embodiment of the Jamaican Crown.


Being one of the bastions of British culture and all that is British, New Zealand is a state which honours the monarchy.

In September last year, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, a proclamation was passed in New Zealand’s parliament, announcing King Charles as the new monarch.


The monarchy is popular in this country located in Oceania, close to two other Commonwealth states: Australia and New Zealand.

King Charles III has visited Papua New Guinea three times.  


The Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of small islands, is located in the South Pacific. The islands have many sites commemorating World War 2.

The current monarch is officially titled King of the Solomon Islands. King Charles III visited the country in November 2019.


This small island nation in the eastern Caribbean is located in the West Indies. It has a population of nearly 180 000 people (in 2021).

King Charles is the head of state of this country.


This Caribbean nation has a population of almost 105 000 (in 2021).  

A proposal to replace the monarch with a non-executive president was defeated in 2009, with 56 % of the votes, according to Wionews.


St Kitts and Nevis is a dual island nation situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

It became an independent federation of island states within the British Commonwealth, in 1983.


This island state located in the South Pacific is an independent nation within the British Commonwealth.

Tuvalu held a referendum in 2008, on becoming a republic.  However, only 35% of voters were in favour of this.

The King’s birthday is even a public holiday in this island state.


While in South Africa, we are proud of one of our own, Pretty Yende, who will showcase SA’s talents at the coronation, there are also calls for the UK to return the world’s largest diamond to SA. 

The 530-carat Star of Africa is set in a sceptre that will be held by King Charles.

Though the celebration of the anointing of King Charles III is likely to reignite debate around Britain’s colonial history in some countries across the Commonwealth, it is not likely to be an issue in others like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Charles’s position as head of the Commonwealth of Nations – an association of 56 states, mostly former territories of the British Empire, has been cemented for the immediate future.

In 2018, Commonwealth leaders elected to install Charles as Queen Elizabeth’s successor.

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