Lion vs Leopard: Fighting over

Image: LatestSighintgs/YouTube

Lion vs Leopard: Fighting over prey in Sabi Sands [video]

A leopard was recently spotted minding its own business in a tree in Sabi Sands when a pride of lions interfered.

Lion vs Leopard: Fighting over

Image: LatestSighintgs/YouTube

A lion and a leopard recently went head-to-head in order to get some food in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, adjacent to South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park.

Fighting over breakfast

Latest Sightings uploaded the video on 2 May after it was initially shared by Sandra AB on Instagram.

“This week, in Londolozi, Sandra captured an incredible sighting!” the real-life wildlife app writes. “A leopard was up a tree, eating, and a pride of nearby lions could smell something was up. They explored the area until they found the leopard and its food.”

It wasn’t long after when one lioness decided to try and get to the meat.

“But the leopard put up a fight! While they were fighting, the tree broke, giving the leopard an easy way out!”

Watch: Lion vs Leopard

Leopard enters restaurant full of guests

Last year, a leopard entered a lodge’s restaurant full of guests trying to hunt a bushbuck. Yes, the sighting filmed at the Singita Ebony Lodge in Sabi Sands in South Africa shows the leopard walking around the restaurant. According to Latest Sightings, the video was filmed by Erika Wiese and her friend Marie-Louise Kruger who were busy enjoying their breakfast with other guests when they spotted the leopard.

“The rest of the family had gone to their rooms to rest before the afternoon game drive. Vervet monkeys are one of the best ways to know there is a predator around, by listening to their alarm calls. This particular morning, vervet monkeys alerted us to the presence of a leopard that made its way onto the upper deck, crossed the lower deck and then made its way from the lodge to remain undetected.”

It is said that the leopard was seen stalking a bushbuck in the riverbed in front of the lodge earlier.