four day work week

Many employees will now work for only four days a week in the UK. Image via Unsplash

Less work, same pay: Many UK companies trial a four-day work week!

Imagine working for only four days a week and still getting the same pay. For many UK employees, this will soon be a sweet reality.

four day work week

Many employees will now work for only four days a week in the UK. Image via Unsplash

For many employees in the UK, their dream of doing less work for the same amount of pay is seemingly finally becoming a reality. This is because over 30 UK companies have started trialing the concept of a four-day only work week. This comes as an effort to prove that how much work employees are able to get done is more important than how long they work for.

Four-day work week underway in the UK

It’s a brave new world for UK businesses and their employees as they finally start to give four-day workweeks a chance.

Bloomberg reports that over 30 companies in the UK have decided to try having four days of work a week as opposed to what society has grown accustomed to – five days of long hard labour.

This means that instead of working for 40 hours a week, many UK employees will be working for 32 hours per week.

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The program which will last for six months to see whether productivity is increased is set to start in June this year. The best part of it all is that salaries and benefits will remain the same despite the fact that people will be spending less time at work.

‘A win-win idea’

Joe Ryle, director of the Four Day Week Campaign in the U.K is excited to see that companies are actually willing to give the “win-win idea” a go.

“Studies have shown that productivity improves along with corresponding gains in workers’ well-being,” says Joe who is one of many people who are at the head of the four-day workweek campaign worldwide.

During the six-month trial period, researchers will measure employees’ productivity levels, the wellbeing of employees, and how gender inequality will be impacted.

They will also be looking at the program’s effect on the environment.

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