Party on! Is Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad bod is under the spotlight – again. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris | AFP

Party on! Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘dad bod’ a reason for concern?

Experts weigh in on why Hollywood hunk Leonardo DiCaprio has been partying it up with his ‘dad bod’. Take a look…

Party on! Is Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad bod is under the spotlight – again. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris | AFP

The Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has had an on-off relationship with his “dad bod”.

And recent photos show that it’s made a comeback, courtesy of his wild party lifestyle.

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On a recent vacation off the island of St. Barth’s, the Oscar winner has been photographed partying up a storm, reports People.

The photos show the 48-year old DiCaprio living it up with friends celebrating the New Year.

But, it’s his not-so-fit body that got people talking.


After analysing his recent behaviour, psychologist Jo Hemmings says that the Titanic-star Leonardo DiCaprio’s lifestyle over the past months is anything but healthy. This according to Geo News.

And, apparently it’s especially not great for a man of his age.

“Leo’s starting to get a dad bod likely from overindulging and not exercising over the holiday period,” Hemmings told The Sun. “He doesn’t hide his smoking, which also doesn’t help in itself.

“Leo isn’t mindful of any restlessness he gets from his party lifestyle and being addicted to it, so he might end up cutting a tragic, lonely figure in 10 years’ time. He’s approaching that tipping point at 50 when he’ll want to start to settle down because the male menopause starts to kick in,” Hemmings added.

It’s not the first time DiCaprio’s not so healthy physique had people worried. In 2020, the actor was spotted on a beach in Miami flaunting a somewhat flabbby belly.


Over the years, the Titanic star has been linked to some of the hottest women in Hollywood.

And, he’s recently been spotted hanging out with 23-year old actress Victoria Lamas.

But, says Hemmings, the fact that he is seemingly unlucky in love, might add to his unhealthy lifestyle.

“Leo has still got his hugely successful career going on and while he sadly hasn’t yet found the enduring love of his life, he does seem to be having a ball trying to find someone for the long run. The issue is that he’s not looking after himself at the same time and it’s starting to show. For many men approaching 50, the hormonal changes kick in around this time, giving them less energy both in and out of the bedroom,” she says.

“Leo is in a pretty unique position in Hollywood – especially as he still has a successful career and isn’t partying to compensate because his fame is on the slide. Leo’s a smart guy, he recognizes that his needs will change in due course, but for the moment, he is making hay while the proverbial sun still shines for him,” the psychologist added.

“But while he might covet this position, I don’t think he’ll want to sustain it for much longer.

“Interestingly, before people start to give up the lavish, partying lifestyle, they often step it up a bit just because they know that time’s limited.

“Leo seems to be making the most of the last few months – or few years – of freedom,” she concluded.

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