Lee Thompson

M-Net has responded to reports that The Bachelor SA star Lee Thompson is reportedly broke and homeless.
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Lee Thompson: M-Net reacts to ‘sad reality’ of ‘Bachelor SA’ star

M-Net has spoken out about Lee Thompson’s ‘readjustment back to everyday life’ after reports that ‘The Bachelor SA’ star is homeless.

Lee Thompson

M-Net has responded to reports that The Bachelor SA star Lee Thompson is reportedly broke and homeless.
Image via Instagram

Multichoice’s  M-Net has officially responded to the scandal surrounding The Bachelor SA season one star Lee Thompson who made headlines last week for reportedly living on the streets.

The model-turned-reality TV star is reportedly homeless, according to You Magazine, after being evicted from his home.

In addition, fans have accused the Cape Town resident of “scamming” them with his claims of writing a “tell-all” memoir, titled The Truth Behind The Rose.

TV blogger Thinus Ferriera aka “TV with Thinus” also labelled Lee Thompson as “SA’s Tinder Swindler”. This, after claiming that Thompson has a history of asking women for money.

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In a statement issued to News24, M-Net revealed that they were aware of the “sad reality” surrounding Lee Thompson.

Thompson became SA’s first star of The Bachelor in 2019 at the age of 31. A year later, Lee promised to pen a “tell-all” memoir of what he claims happened on set — something he has yet to deliver on, despite accepting cash for preorders of the book.

M-Net said of the TV star: “Our performers are at the heart of who we are as storytellers. We are aware that the entertainment industry can be overwhelming for some.

“The readjustment back to everyday life once a show is wrapped is taken very seriously. As such, working with our producers, we ensure that we give our stars robust support and tools to help them reintegrate back into society, and this has helped many to resume their lives successfully. 

“The sad reality is that not all manage to do so sustainably, with some subsequently falling into unfavourable circumstances years after the end of their association with our shows.”

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Speaking to The South African, a close acquaintance of Lee Thompson – who requested to remain anonymous – claims that the star did, in fact, receive psychological help from M-Net following the show.

She said: “They tried to help him as much as possible. His problems go way back to before he was on The Bachelor SA”.

Of Lee Thompson’s motivation to write the book, she added: “M-Net gave him the high life dating beautiful women. The outcome was not what he had expected. He may have felt a bit bitter and decided to try this tell-all book deal”.

She added: “He flew too close to the sun and didn’t have the tools and the savvy to stay there. He could have done it all, but he needed someone to keep it together for him. But he wasn’t able to himself”.

Blogger Thinus Ferreira added that Lee Thompson made statements that “showed the book may not be real”.

Speaking to The South African, he said: “He would for instance say he got a ‘seven-figure offer’ for it not to be published. That means between R1 million and R9 million. That is not how it works, definitely not in South Africa.

“Nobody – definitely not M-Net as a broadcaster – is going to pay R1 million for a book to not be published”.