Lebo M MacG

Lebo M is set to compose five songs for the upcoming movie ‘The Woman King’. Image via Twitter @therealLEBO_M

WATCH: ‘I produced orgies’ – Lebo M chats about his sex-filled past

Lebo M recently sat down with MacG on his podcast and has gotten candid about his illustrious career and personal life

Lebo M MacG

Lebo M is set to compose five songs for the upcoming movie ‘The Woman King’. Image via Twitter @therealLEBO_M

Lion King composer Lebo M is getting candid about his wild past, courtesy of Podcast and Chill with MacG, and has revealed that he used to ‘produce’ orgies.

In the latest episode, the 58-year-old, born Lebohang Morake, opens up on the hit podcast about his illustrious career and his personal life, which often finds itself in local tabloids. The Grammy award-winning producer secretly tied the knot with businesswoman Pretty Samuels back in February this year.

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An excerpt from Lebo M’s interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG has been shared on Twitter, in which he says women and alcoholwere his true weakness, as opposed to drugs.

Lebo M told MacG that he never dabbled in cocaine or any other types of drugs, but said: “My only two vices was the ladies and alcohol… I think if I danced anywhere near cocaine or any drugs, I would have been long dead”

MacG then asks Morake, “Would you ever, like, sleep with three ladies in one night?”

He replies, “Been there, done that. What do you mean three ladies? I produce orgies”

Lebo M is married to his seventh bride after his break up from his ex-wife Angela Ngani-Casara.  

Ngani-Casara and the music composer went their separate ways in April 2021 after their third failed attempt at making their relationship work. The pair had an on and off relationship for 12 years. They got married in 2008 and split in 2013, only to get remarried in 2017. 

The music composer was also engaged to Generations: The Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane and Mel Ntsala, paid lobola for one, and was also married to Vivica Gibson and actress Nandi Ndlovu, according to buzzsouthafrica.