Meet Leah, the cat who sneaks

Meet Leah, the cat who sneaks out at night to steal toys

In today’s funny news: A cat has been sneaking around, stealing toys during the night. Her latest includes an Angry Birds kids toy!

Meet Leah, the cat who sneaks

There’s a cat burglar in Bridgemead, Port Elizabeth…in the most literal sense.

Kerry Oberholzer’s cat, Leah – also appropriately dubbed ‘The Cat Burglar’ – started stealing kids’ toys from someone’s house a couple of months ago. Her latest ‘steal’ includes an Angry Birds toy.

In hopes to return the toys to their rightful owner(s), Oberholzer posted a message on Facebook, asking if the toys displayed is in fact the property of someone close by.

“Every now and then we wake up with another gift (I suppose it beats the usual half eaten bodies we normally get)”, she continued. “We have put letters in postboxes and knocked on doors telling the story. Everyone finds it very funny but can’t find the owner to return everything she has taken. We live in Bridgemead”.

The Herald Live reported that Leah is a four-year-old tabby cat.

Apparently Leah is a ‘serial burglar’, and has been sneaking out of her Glenconner Avenue home in the middle of the night to collect fluffy toys since mid-October.

She recently returned with gift Number 15, a yellow Angry Birds toy, which prompted Oberholzer to send out another Facebook request asking for the owners to come and collect their things.

Oberholzer also posted her message on the Animal Network Port Elizabeth.

Oberholzer spoke to Herald Live, saying: “At first, she brought a toy on five consecutive days. The very first thing she brought was a baby slipper.

“But, with time, she brought random things at random times.

“We have tried to return the toys by posting letters in the postboxes of everyone in the street. We have even gone as far as personally visiting the houses nearby where we know there are kids. Nobody recognises the toys but everyone has a good laugh about it.

“My children are now starting to call dibs on the items because she recently returned with an almost complete set of toys from the Sponge Bob collection.

“We even joke that we need to train her to bring back wallets. But if nobody claims the toys, we will donate them to a shelter.”

Leah is the oldest of five rescued cats. Oberholzer also noted that, since they adopted two more cats, Leah has been trying to draw more attention.

“We think that since the arrival of the latest two cats, she just seems to be in need of a little more attention, hence she has started with this cute, cuddly behaviour.”

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