lay-by challenge

Participate in the Lay-by challenge to help the less fortunate. Image via Facebook: @Maria Munodederwa

Lay-By Challenge: How you can help struggling parents this JanuWorry

The festive season is over and for many parents the worrying begins. You can help by taking part in the Lay-be Challenge!

lay-by challenge

Participate in the Lay-by challenge to help the less fortunate. Image via Facebook: @Maria Munodederwa

January has always been a difficult period for many families who struggle to cope financially after using all their savings to enjoy a decent Christmas period. Unfortunately for many parents, January also means buying school clothes, stationery, and other things for their children. Because of this, many South Africans participated in a wonderful initiative called the Lay-By Challenge.

Here’s how you can participate in the Lay-By Challenge to help less fortunate

We all know that January isn’t the best month. This is because most people are exhausted from all of the activities, parties, and gatherings that come with the festive season. For many people, it’s a particularly difficult period financially because of all the money that was spent in December.

Despite the struggle, something beautiful was born and it’s called The Lay-By Challenge.

The challenge first went viral in 2021 when a few people wanted to help the less fortunate to buy school supplies for their children in January. And so they headed off to stores like Jet and Pep where they paid part of or whole amounts of school clothes and stationery that was put on lay-by.

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Lay-by is a service offered by stores to help people pay off items that they would like but can’t afford all at once.

The initiative saw many grateful parents heading to social media to express their gratitude to the anonymous people who paid for their lay-by.

Giving a helping hand

“I couldn’t believe it.. my year starts right with a big Blessing… to the person who did this, thank you very much, I know right that God will see you even more… there are still good people in the world,” said one thankful South African mom in a Good Things Guy article.

A quick scroll through social media reveals that a number of other parents were also helped by the amazing initiative and they too were super grateful.

And if you want to help in a different way, you can also buy some school supplies and hand them over to a local charity or school.

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