dog wedding

Two little dogs said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony. Image via Unsplash

Pawsome pooches treated to over-the-top garden wedding

Two little dogs were treated to a lavish garden wedding complete with an eight-tiered cake and 90 excited guests.

dog wedding

Two little dogs said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony. Image via Unsplash

Only a few weeks ago, South African TV presenter Moshe Ndiki was trolled for having what may just be one of the most lavish funerals for a dog in the country. Snaps from the all-white service went viral as South Africans discussed how much effort was put into the funeral for his beloved puppy named Sugar. It appears Moshe isn’t the only one willing to throw an over-the-top event for an animal. Two Chihuahuas were recently treated to an extravagant garden wedding that even included an eight-tiered wedding cake.

Two dogs say ‘I do’ in lavish wedding ceremony

Dogs are a man’s best friend – so why shouldn’t they be treated to the same luxuries as humans?

This is exactly what people like Mandy Willow and Stephanie Rice and South African media personality Moshe Ndiki think. This after Ndiki treated his pet pooch to a dignified funeral while Mandy’s eight-year-old dog Chester recently tied the knot with Stephanie’s one-year-old Izzy – and it was a day to remember.

The pair of Chihuahuas were treated to the wedding by their owners who noticed how fond they were of each other.

“Chester fell deeply in love with Izzy from the local walks that we do,” his owner Mandy told CheshireLive.

“Chester goes absolutely mad for her, screaming for her, and meets her at the car.”

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A romantic fundraiser

Izzy then came up with the idea for a wedding which would also be a fundraiser to help raise money for the Cheshire Sighthound Rescue.

And so there the two pooches were surrounded by 90 dog guests who watched them exchange rings, sausages and the cutest doggy vows.

The pooches promised to, “always play together; to care for their puppies, be their one or one-hundred-and-one; to share their favorite toys; to protect their houses from the evil mailman and to only sniff each other’s butts from now until forever,” according to CheshireLive.