clean laundry

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Laundry tips: How to keep your clothes looking bright and new

Are you wondering how you can keep your clothes looking new and stop them from fading out? It all depends on how you do your laundry.

clean laundry

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Removing stains from your favourite clothing can be a nightmare. However, the No 1 cause behind your ruined clothes is your washing machine and dryer. How you wash your clothes plays a big role in their longevity.

To keep your clothes looking new follow these tips, your clothes will last longer when you apply effort and care.

Choose the right detergent

Not all laundry detergents are the same, certain detergents can keep colours from fading, protect your clothes from shrinking and also keep your clothes soft without damaging their fabric.

Do some research, read reviews, various detergents has some great stain removing tips and tricks to prevent colours from fading. Pick out one that suits you and your clothing needs.

Wash with cold water

Hot water wears out clothes fast, rather use hot water for really soiled garments and sheets and wash your delicate fabrics with cold water to prevent damage.

Fabrics like cotton, wool and linen are prone to shrinking when washed in warm or hot water. Washing your clothes in cold water not only extends the life of your clothes, it’s also better for the environment.

Wash inside out

Turn all your clothes inside-out before washing them. Embellishments and printing on the outside of garments can be worn out by the washing machine. Washing your clothes inside-out can protect clothing items with beadings and embroidery from damage.


Just as hot water causes shrinkage, drying your clothes with a dryer can also cause your clothes to shrink as the air from a tumble dryer is hot.

When you dry your clothes in a tumble dryer for a long time, the fabrics become damaged and the colours begin to fade.

Hang your clothes outside and allow them to air dry, they will come out smelling fresh and will dry quicker than in the dryer. If you must use the dryer, adjust the settings to dry your clothes in the lowest heat possible.

Follow care label instructions

Read the care label on your garments as well as the directions on your detergent. Use gentle detergent for delicate clothing and regular detergent for sturdier items. Never use bleach on your clothes as it wears out the fibres.

Some general care tips

  • Wash your clothes sparingly, only when they are really dirty or when there’s a visible stain. Over-washing your clothes can cause damage and fading;
  • Don’t apply perfume directly onto your clothes, spray it on your body before getting dressed instead;
  • Always treat stains immediately; and
  • Never hang wet clothes in your closet as this can attract mildew.