Lady Rosemead

Image via: Facebook / AWS

Lady Rosemead: Homeless, streetwise dog lured to safety with KFC

Lady Rosemead was spotted all over Cape Town before she was eventually captured in Ottery because she found KFC irresistible.

Lady Rosemead

Image via: Facebook / AWS

A homeless dog nicknamed ‘Lady Rosemead’ after being spotted roaming the eponymous avenue, which runs through Claremont, Kenilwoth and Wynberg, in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs was captured by the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) on Tuesday, 15 March.

‘Rose’, as she is also known, roamed the area for approximately a month, dodging captors while enchanting the city’s dog lovers with her charm.

Lady Rosemead was finally caught in Ottery

“After being on the run and evading capture for several weeks, Lady Rosemead was finally caught in Ottery yesterday afternoon,” said AWS in a Facebook post.

“We with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers from the Southern Suburbs, have been following her every move to ensure that she came to no harm whilst plans were put in place to ensure her rescue.”


While Lady Rosemead was visiting Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg and Ottery, the AWS was devising a plan to capture her safely. The animal welfare organisation settled on a humane trap that used Kentucky Fried Chicken, which the dog “went mad for”, to lure her into a cage and transport her to safety.

A veterinarian examined the dog and found that she was infested with ticks and fleas and was suffering from Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease, which can be fatal in severe cases. AWS, however, is “100% confident” Lady Rosemead will make a full recovery.

“As soon as she is well enough, Rose will be sprayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being transferred to our Animal Care Centre, who will find her a loving new home,” said the organisation.

AWS planned to slowly wean the dog off KFC and adjust her diet to exclude the meal and asked the fast-food enterprise to contribute to her recovery.


Social media users also joined in, “KFC, KFC, KFC Please help Rose with her recovery,” commented one Facebook user, tagging the company several times.

“KFC, how about sponsoring the wonderful staff at AWS for a KFC lunch,” suggested another.

The company heeded the call and pledged to help Rose with her rehabilitation.

“We’d love to jump on board and assist with this great story,” said Astrid, KFC’s Marketing Manager, in a call with CapeTalk. “I’ve never heard of anything like this and absolutely, I would love to meet the dog.”

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